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2020 Student Community Inclusion Challenge

The 2020 Student Community Inclusion Challenge (SCIC) has been developed to engage our brightest young minds across the country; to work towards solving important societal gaps related to inclusion for all children!

In using the brilliant assets available to us, our young people, we aim to showcase some innovative solutions to some tricky societal conundrums related to school-based inclusion.

The SCIC Challenge is open to all school-aged students across Australia – from primary school, right through to high schools.

This Panel will ultimately determine one winner and two x runner ups in each of the four categories. Each winner will receive a $150 Visa Card. The two runners-up in each of the four categories will receive a $50 Gift Card.

We are asking students across Australia to select one of the following activity tasks (categories):

  1. Design an inclusive playground where all children can be included, play together and thrive
  2. Design and/or depict an inclusive classroom
  3. Create an inclusive school-based activity
  4. Create a logo that depicts an inclusive school

Students may select one of the following mediums to illustrate their response:

  • Use Lego/Duplo (or similar)
  • Write a poem or creative narrative (300 works max)
  • Draw, design or paint an A3 or A4 Picture
  • Create a video/short film (under 3 minutes in length)
  • Create a scale model using any materials you wish

Example: Student A may choose to design an inclusive playground. Student A then decides how he/she wishes to demonstrate what an inclusive playground could look like. For example, Student A may choose to build an inclusive playground out of lego. Alternatively, they may draw an inclusive playground or even display it by making a short video of what it could look like.

This gives students the ability to be educated through task-oriented work, where they are able to look into the existing societal issues and contribute to a national network of conversations.

Competition opens: 9am AEST, Friday 1 May 2020

Competition closes: 5pm AEST, Friday 29 May 2020

To understand what inclusion is, watch the video below.

Student community inclusion challenge video

To enter the competition, download the below information/forms and complete the Application Form.

Information Pack KID FRIENDLY INFORMATION PACK Application Form FAQ’s

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