Representatives from the Karratha community approached Inclusion Solutions with concerns that some members were experiencing high levels of isolation. People with disabilities, indigenous groups and FIFO residents, among other groups, were not well represented at local sport and recreation clubs.

There were also reports of high crime rates and disengagement, particularly after hours and during the school holiday periods.

Inclusion Solutions spent time getting to know the community and its people. With thoughtful consideration and hard work, significant community buy-in was achieved from organisations, the LGA, local clubs and numerous community members resulting in the birth of the Karratha Community Program.


What happened next:

  • Rapid increase in club memberships, particularly amongst low-participation groups.
  • Significant increase in participation leading to community-wide physical and mental health benefits.
  • Increased volunteerism; ranging from clubs and community groups to service organisations.
  • Increase in community involvement from numerous businesses and organisations.
  • Significant decrease in youth crime.
  • Inclusion Solutions phased out of the community and the program continues to grow and succeed.
  • 2013 Regional & Remote Child Safety Award.
  • 2014 Regional Excellence Award.

The Karratha Community Program is a successful program, owned and facilitated by local community members, clubs and organisations.