This program was created to assist the Shire of Toodyay and its diverse, regional community with youth-related crime issues.

The Toodyay Inclusive Community Program aimed to:

  • Strengthen the community by utilising, empowering and activating local assets through the Toodyay Inclusive Community Program.
  • Developing activities including historical treasures, tree planting, community music jam, skateboarding, tennis and football.
    • Extensive support from the community and business leaders.
    • Total of 5,654 hours of inclusive sport and recreation.
    • Decrease in the number of youth related offences in the first 12 months.
    • Crime rates dropped during the holiday period, enhancing Toodyay as a prime tourist location for families during the school holidays.
    • About 50% of all new members were not part of any club or group at the time of registration.
    • Shire of Toodyay accessed new funding streams.
    • 2015 Community Safety Award.Promoting local businesses and community groups and consequently engaged many people who were not connected to any clubs or group.


What happened next:

The Toodyay Inclusive Community Program now attracts many visitors to the region, promoting Toodyay and a safe, vibrant and welcoming community. Similar outcomes have been seen in communities such as Northam, Esperance, Karratha and Carnarvon over the past few years.