In partnership with the Town of Cambridge, we worked with older community members (50 years+) transitioning toward retirement and used their experience, skills, knowledge and interests to give back to community organisations that need help.

The Town of Cambridge WayFairer Project was not just about matching one volunteer with one community club. It was about how one person can positively impact the lives of the entire community.


What happened next

  • 65% of Cambridge’s community organisations completed the Community Gap Analysis to identify challenges in this economic climate.
  • 20 local community members became WayFairers and gifted their time, skills, talents and interests to help address the challenges faced by local clubs.
  • 12 local community organisations have been
  • 40 community members from local netball, football, cricket and baseball clubs attended a Disability Awareness and Social Inclusion Workshop, organized by the Club’s WayFairer.


Through the WayFairer Project, Town of Cambridge has engaged local community organisations and become a leader in the development of inclusive and age-friendly communities.