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“Toodyay juvenile crime typically involves offences such as graffiti, criminal damage, assaults to more serious crime such as burglary, stealing, sex offences and drug possession. The Toodyay Inclusive Community Program provides alternative choices for juveniles, interaction with other community members and developing relationships with local community clubs and groups. The Toodyay Inclusive Community Program has helped reduce the youth crime rate in our district and has full support from local police.”

Sgt. Warren Conder, Officer in charge, Toodyay Police Station

“What I hope to get across to people is: Don’t wait for someone else. Just be the one. Be the leader. Whether you’re a club of 10 people, you’re a local government, don’t wait for the state government. If you’re the state government, don’t wait for the federal government. You guys be leaders. And I think from our little story, anyone can achieve something and make a big difference.”

Rob Geerson, Club President, Coolbinia Bombers Junior Football Club

“It really has been a remarkable year for us. We’ve come a long way and made many positive changes. As a result our club has thrived with member numbers increasing, retention rates up, as well as a greater number of volunteers getting involved...some have even enquired about joining the committee! Our committee is stronger than ever, and our passion for the club has been reignited. It has also been very rewarding watching our coaching staff flourish as they are enjoying being part of what is now an amazing club. We really need to be thanking you for a lot of this as without the mentoring and inspiration we have received from Inclusion Solutions we certainly wouldn’t be the club we are today.”

Carly Smith, Club Manager, Roleystone Gymnastics Club

“Quinns Rock JCC wants to be an inclusive club, so providing opportunities for children with disabilities is a part of that goal. It’s really added another positive dimension to our club and it’s helped our club support and interact with children and families who weren’t previously a part of a local sporting club. Being able to pass on our knowledge and love for the game to people who haven’t had the opportunity to experience cricket before is proving to be life changing for them and their families. Our whole club has embraced it and we love that more people are finding a sense of belonging at our club.”

Serena Spadaro, Vice President, Quinns Rock Junior Cricket Club

“The goal is to make sure that everyone can belong and to remember why the club started in the first place”

Yahye Sheikh-Abdi, Northern City Football Club

“Create opportunities for people to come together. Let them interact in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. And see magic happen. They will exchange cultures and skills. They will learn from each other. That is integration and it is the precursor to social cohesion.”

Mamta Kochhar, Founder, United in Diversity WA

“There is an infectious sense of optimism when you surround yourself with young people. They believe in the possibilities that they can do or be anything they wish. Watching them grow their confidence, leadership, teamwork, resilience and creativity is the highlight for me. But mostly it’s the compassion that they bring to the whole group in supporting each other through tough productions as a part of our theatre family.”

Danni Grundy, Vice President, Toodyay Theatre Group

“I believe this is a fantastic idea which will help the community spirit rekindle. Make people happier, as they would be contributing and living in their passion. People need to connect with others and if they can do so in their comfort zone, it will definitely improve their mental and physical health = less hospital stays!”

Chetan Tayal, WayFairer

I can sincerely recommend the notion of personalised and skill-related volunteer work – it is a way of ‘giving back’ and it certainly helped me significantly in the initial stages of my retirement. I am very pleased and grateful for the opportunities that were given to me – and appreciate the wonderful support of the entire team!”

Derek Bond, Volunteer

“We are grateful to you for helping our club to fulfil its mission and strive towards its vision, which involves a commitment to inclusion, the holistic development of our members and a belief that every individual has a valuable contribution to make to the team. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the Quinns Rocks Junior Cricket Club over the course of a number of years. We believe that your guidance and support has been integral to our success."

Danny Shortill, Club President, Quinns Rock Junior Cricket Club

“Inclusion Solutions has enabled everyone in our community to participate together as a whole. They have educated our local people and given them an understanding that we are all different in some ways, but ultimately we all want to feel connected and be part of a welcoming and understanding community.”

Kerry Hamilton, Community Living Association

“I was reclusive; the club has given me a sense of self-worth. I have learnt new skills and had the opportunity to share my skills also. I love feeling like I am part of a team, I have learnt to grind and I do the minutes at our meeting amongst other things. The Men’s shed is my Paraburdoo family; we take care of each other and look after one another.”

Linda, Paraburdoo Men’s Shed

“I love going to things that are organised and run on time and everyone seems to know what they're doing. Then it's a bonus if the speakers are actually worthwhile listening to! I thought the variety you had was really terrific – totally different experiences, some there in their careers, some in roles they've fallen into for personal reasons or created - so it really gave the audience the chance to look at inclusion through a number of different lenses.”

Jennifer Irvine, Social Inclusion Forum Attendee

“You guys spoke about impact and I wanted to let you know what I will be doing as a result of such a powerful evening. I am getting 15 of my friends together to see collectively what we can do to improve the WA community. I have no set agenda but when you get beautiful minds together with the want to assist and make a difference, only good can come from it.”

David Taylor, Social Inclusion Forum Attendee

“It was not boring for one minute and all speakers made it relevant for the audience, and it wasn't just about themselves and that is really important, as sometimes people can get up and just do their journey but this wasn't that as all speakers made it relevant to social inclusion.”

Christina Holly, Social Inclusion Forum Attendee

“I just want to say thank you for a fantastic forum yesterday, it was so good to see such a large group of people wanting to hear and learn about how we can make a more inclusive community.”

Bronwyn McGann, Social Inclusion Forum Attendee

“The Have a Go Days have been extremely successful in the Shire of Ashburton. Clubs in both towns have been really keen to be more inclusive and welcoming to the community. Both events have been extremely successful. Individuals, clubs and the community have all benefitted and there has been a great sense of community built as a result of the event.”

Belinda Mortlock, Club Development Officer, Shire of Ashburton

"The power of community to help everyone. This was so powerful. I feel like I want to join a new sports club now and be part of a community like Sayeed. It has really made me appreciate how we can help each other."

Attendee 1, Social Inclusion & Disability Awareness Workshop

"I will increase signage at the youth centre to inform people that it is a safe place for all young people. I will also create programs that keep in mind the 5 Dimensions of Inclusion."

Attendee 2, Social Inclusion & Disability Awareness Workshop

"I really want to bring about the sense of an inclusive community where people, all people, feel safe and supported."

Attendee 3, Social Inclusion & Disability Awareness Workshop

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Thank you! It is important to know that terminology is personal."

Attendee 4, Social Inclusion & Disability Awareness Workshop

"The workshop was a very holistic approach. It made me think about things from a different perspective."

Attendee 1, Inclusive Events Workshop

"I plan on implementing food truck guidelines, buying matting for accessibility, and engaging with my community better by inviting people and groups personally."

Attendee 2, Inclusive Events Workshop

I really want to bring about the sense of an inclusive community where people, all people, feel safe and supported

Community Development Officer

Loved it! Very great presentation, doing great things for the world

Club Development Officer

Thank you so much for such a fantastic training. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it (we couldn’t get them to leave!). We really appreciate it and look forward to further training workshops

Rebecca Waddington, Community Development Planner, City of Wanneroo

What an awesome organisation with amazing, thoughtful, intelligent presenters. Loved it.

Colin Fox, Committee Member, Above The Line

Inclusion Solutions has opened the doors to how we can improve our club and be more inclusive to players, members and the community in general.

Maxine Williams, Fundraising & Sponsorship, Margaret River Hockey Club

Thanks again. I absolutely love what you and your team are doing and what you stand for.

Kath Altman, Committee Member, Above The Line

This season will see the introduction of Integrated Cricket Teams, catering for players of all abilities from age 5 to adult. As part of this process it is vital to us that our whole community has a clear understanding of what Social Inclusion really means

Narelle Marriott, Committee Member, Wembley Districts Junior Cricket Club

Thank you to all of you for demonstrating a real interest in changing lives through facilitating inclusive opportunities for all people in our communities

Fiona Allan, Community Development Officer, City of Mandurah

“This program knows no boundaries! There is no ‘us’ & ‘them’, its one community. One Karratha community! I can’t speak highly enough about what this program has done for myself, my club and our community.”

Cameron Coles, Karratha-Dampier Teeball Club