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Celebrating Mandurah WayFairers’ 4th Anniversary

Gone are the days of feeling secluded and isolated as older adults in the Mandurah community; this message was evident during a recent Seniors Week celebration at the Mandurah Seniors Centre.

Instead, there was an upswing of joy and connection amongst all attendees because of the community-driven initiative: The Mandurah WayFairer Project.

In a collaboration between Inclusion Solutions, the Department of Communities, and the City of Mandurah, the WayFairer project aims to create meaningful connections between adults 50+ and the wider community.

Recently, the project celebrated its 4th anniversary at the Mandurah Seniors Centre. Invited guests and speakers included Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams, Councilors, WayFairer champion Lisa Kelly and Project Lead Marie Scott.

Marie Scott, a Mandurah local, knows the treasure trove that older adults bring – talent, wisdom, and experience. With guidance, this pool of skills is a goldmine for the broader community.

Many community groups are crying out for skilled volunteers. Through mapping a potential participant’s skills, experience, and interests, we match them with a club, group, or organsiation. The result is a long-lasting relationship that enriches both the community and the individual.


Besides offering personalised volunteer matching opportunities, the project hosts coffee catch-ups and other social events, providing opportunities to connect.

To date, the project has assisted over 117 older adults in finding valued volunteer roles in the community.

If you know someone who is isolated or would benefit from greater community connection, contact Project Lead Marie Scott at [email protected] or 0423 760 581.


The WayFairer Project

Through the WayFairer Project, adults aged 50+ year old will be matched with community clubs and organisations to gift their time, skills, talents and interests to help address the challenges faced by clubs.

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