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We have vast experience partnering local government authorities (LGAs) in identifying and carrying out dynamic, inclusive and sustainable community projects.

Our framework ensures initiatives are community-driven, allowing for greater community engagement and longevity of the project. Our flexible framework contains key objectives designed to promote and support LGA initiatives – to ensure individualised strategies build assets within the community and identify opportunities to engage community members.


Socially Inclusive Communities WA 2018/19

Promoting and supporting social inclusion in communities across WA

Is your Local Government Authority (LGA) socially inclusive? Does your LGA welcome positive change? Do you know your community and its current challenges? The Socially Inclusive Communities initiative will build the capacity of LGAs and create more inclusive, better connected communities. This initiative, significantly underwritten by the Department of Communities, offers eight LGAs the opportunity to partner with Inclusion Solutions in delivering specific support to promote socially inclusive communities.

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We educate and empower local sporting clubs, community groups, schools and service providers to become more inclusive of people who are socially isolated or disengaged from their community.

We can help your LGA to engage key stakeholders, develop community partners, build steering committees etc. to meet the needs of your community. In addition to this, we have significant experience in partnering with LGAs to develop community-friendly events.

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We help raise awareness of social inclusion and the value of diversity by providing training and mentoring to your organisation’s staff, partner organisations and community volunteers.

We also assist in developing resources and strategies to target specific areas of need. This training can help your LGA identify problematic areas and find solutions from within your own community, and establish the LGA as a ‘best practice’ organisation.

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We assist with the development and enhancement of your LGA and your partner organisations so that you may build and promote socially connected, inclusive communities well into the future.

We believe that all the required skills, knowledge and expertise can be identified in community members residing within the LGA or community, allowing initiatives to be completely community driven, and for skills to be retained within the community.

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Shire of Ashburton’s Story

The Have a Go Days have been extremely successful in the Shire of Ashburton. Clubs in both towns have been really keen to be more inclusive and welcoming to the community. Over the days 70% of all surveyed participants signed up to at least one club that they were not part of prior to the day. Both events have been extremely successful. Individuals, clubs and the community have all benefitted and there has been a great sense of community built as a result of the event

– Belinda Mortlock, Club Development Officer, Shire of Ashburton

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