Regional Communities

We support regional communities throughout Western Australia develop inclusive initiatives. These provide opportunities for all people to connect with their community.

Our framework ensures initiatives are community-driven, allowing for greater community engagement and longevity of a project. Our flexible framework contains key objectives designed to promote and support LGA initiatives – to ensure individualised strategies build assets within the community and identify opportunities to engage community members.


We understand every community is different and that it’s the locals who are the experts of their own neighbourhood. We work within a community to help identify key individuals and community leaders, who are then chosen to be upskilled and empowered to make decisions on behalf of the community based on their local knowledge and experience.

We then support this group to establish shared missions and visions. The mission and vision actively guide the group in each community, resulting in greater local ownership and commitment. Whilst this group share knowledge, we will work in the background providing support to the community.

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We have a proud history working with diverse communities, from as far north as Broome, to as far south as Esperance. We have worked with large regional communities such as Karratha (16,000+ residents), as well as smaller communities such as Tom Price (3000+ people) and Paraburdoo (1600 residents).

We have been invited to work with a range of communities to successfully develop opportunities for social inclusion.

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We utilise an asset-based approach to community development. Our strategies strengthen and build the capacity of existing clubs, groups and organisations throughout the community.

Communities that approach us do so for one or more specific reasons, and with a view to build a stronger, more inclusive community.

Typically, outcomes we achieve include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Increased participation at clubs and community groups
  • More welcoming community for all residents
  • Improved perception and engagement of all low-participation groups
  • Increased volunteerism across the community
  • Reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Increased sense of pride and belonging for residents\
  • Greater community-wide collaboration
  • Economic benefits community-wide

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Linda’s Story

“I was reclusive; the club has given me a sense of self-worth. I have learnt new skills and had the opportunity to share my skills also. I love feeling like I am part of a team, I have learnt to grind and I do the minutes at our meeting amongst other things. The Men’s shed is my Paraburdoo family; we take care of each other and look after one another.”

– Linda, Paraburdoo Men’s Shed

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