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Social Inclusion Forum – The Mandurah Wayfairers

The only thing we love more than working down in Pinjareb country, is getting to work alongside the incredible community leaders who call Mandurah home.

We’ve been working in the Mandurah community for a few years now, and it’s been wonderful to see initiatives like the Mandurah WayFairers project continue to grow and become stronger than ever before.

Recently, we welcomed local legend Lisa Kelly to our team, who you may know as Mandurah’s own Where’s Wally!

Lisa has been making waves connecting dedicated volunteers to local community groups through the WayFairer project, like the wonderful Jacquie Beaton, a recent retiree who has since been gifting her time and talent to a number of groups in the area.

Since getting involved in the project, Jacquie has volunteered countless hours already, supporting the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, Mandurah Multicultural Group and has participated in several fundraising drives.

“One of the concerns I had when leaving work was loneliness”, Jacquie said.

Two smiling older white women with short blonde-white hair sit on a wooden deck in front of a river.

“Since becoming a part of WayFairers and volunteering, I have gained more knowledge of what other agencies are doing, and I feel as if I am a real part of the different groups I am involved in. It’s been a great opportunity to make new friends and relationships.

“The feeling of empowerment from being involved with positive people comes gradually and has a wonderful effect on mental health and a feeling with a sense of belonging and part of the community.”

“The excitement of knowing one can do to help in an activity is a rewarding feeling, it is a privilege to be able to help because normally we would not have been in a situation to be able to do so. And the support we receive from Inclusion Solutions makes us volunteers feel so valued and included as part of a bigger team!”

The best part is, Jacquie’s story is just one of the many success stories coming from the Peel region! And, with our upcoming Social Inclusion Forum, there are plenty more stories celebrating the benefits of social inclusion just like this one.

Both Lisa and Jacquie will be presenting at the Forum, sharing their stories and experiences and talking about all things volunteering in Mandurah.

“I’ve been a resident in Mandurah since 1970”, Lisa says, “so the community is ingrained in my heart”.

“I’ve always said its important to give more to society than you take. And, when you are passionate about something, it’s not hard to do. Society needs to give everyone the opportunity to contribute, no matter how big or small. That’s what social inclusion is all about – making someone – no matter their age, ability, race, gender, or sexuality – feel valued in the community.”

For Lisa, the Forum is a great opportunity for community members to listen to inspirational speakers from different platforms as they share their stories. “It’s a definite must-attend event!”


The WayFairer Project

Through the WayFairer Project, adults aged 50+ year old will be matched with community clubs and organisations to gift their time, skills, talents and interests to help address the challenges faced by clubs.

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