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I really enjoyed interacting and collaborating with colleagues from other states. The break out rooms are excellent. The content each week was informative and an eye opener, [there is] so much to learn.”

Cricket Australia Representative

By working directly with community-facing staff, our Community Development Toolkit is the perfect tool for organisations looking to work with their local community in more meaningful ways. Run over 6 weeks, our 1 hour online sessions, include theory, conversation and practical activities, ensuring that all learnings can be actioned in your community, immediately.

Webinar Topics

  • Week 1: Understanding Inclusion
  • Week 2: Supporting Attitudinal Change
  • Week 3: Access & Opportunities
  • Week 4: Partnerships & Assets
  • Week 5: Supporting Sustainable Clubs
  • Week 6: Commitment to Inclusion

This course will give staff the skills to support clubs and groups to create welcoming, inclusive and sustainable club experiences for all people. Every session is centred around social inclusion, creating measurable benchmarks with tangible learnings.

The skills acquired through the course will give club development professionals, and other staff connected to clubs, the tools to better connect with clubs and groups, provide insight into areas of social inclusion and support the development of an inclusive club/group.

Toolkit inclusions:

  • 6x one-hour live webinars
  • Video recording of webinar  
  • Worksheets to support learning content 
  • Additional support after every webinar   
  • Optional extra: Establish a Facebook Group (or other platforms i.e. MS Teams) to build online community & peer support

“[I] Genuinely thought it was a terrific program. All of content, presenters, engagement, worksheets were terrific

and I’ve used it as a “best practice” example for other training I’ve put together for clubs on different topics.” 

Cricket Victoria staff member 

Support your staff to be inclusion champions!


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