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Let us give your group the tools to renovate your strategies and become innovators in your community.

I was unsure whether this would be beneficial for me, for various reasons: I’m very busy and don’t need extra workload/stress. I was concerned it would be a lot of work, but the sessions are short and very useful, and I’m feeling more and more enthusiastic every week. I would highly recommend it to others, whether they think they need it or not.”

Emma Strong, Capel River Girl Guides

Our Club Renovation Toolkit is an 8-week course that works to empower community groups, sporting and recreational clubs by sharing strategies and skills to improve how they operate and provide opportunities for all people. Our 30 minute live webinar sessions are hosted by our knowledgeable staff and guest presenters and will help your group rediscover its foundations, attract members through meaningful connection and ensure a successful future for your group is planned and sustained.

The Club Renovation Toolkit is made up of three key components:

Foundation Strengthening

Rediscover the foundations of your group through practical activities to align your group’s attitude, design policies and find the perfect volunteers for your roles. Our experts will even teach you an in-depth approach to understanding your public Facebook page and how to utilise it to its full potential.
Units in this segment:
Gratitude = Attitude
Setting the Foundations
Unlocking Assets
Facebook: The Three Keys

Growth and Attraction

Learn strategies to ensure your group can maximise its opportunities to grow. Watch as your club demographics expand through the communication and promotional strategies our team share. Our team will share practical tips on where and how you can develop professional marketing material that will make signing up new members even easier.
Units in this segment:
Offering Choice
Creating Opportunities
Event Planning
Practical Promotional Material

Retention and Sustainability

Find out how to capture the long term benefits of your learnings. The final phase of our toolkit will give you the tools to ensure your members are members for life, helping your group connect and grow to be a pillar of your community. We will even show you how to simplify often daunting tasks and make the most of your volunteers time and energy.
Units in this segment:
Internal Communication
Future-Proofing Your Group
Automate Your Day to Day Tasks
Positive Partnerships

All participants will have lifetime access to practical worksheets, resources and session recordings, helping ensure your entire group can be up-skilled, no matter when they start their journey. Participants are also invited to join all our renovators in a closed Facebook group, where they can share questions, thoughts, ideas, and, most importantly, successes, long after the competition of the live sessions.

Let us help take your group from a renovator to an innovator!

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