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Our inclusion services are focused on you – driven by local, grass roots activity and networks.

We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of inclusion within societies, and the many benefits it provides individuals and communities. As our community grows increasingly diverse and complex, there perhaps has never been a stronger need for
our projects that promote inclusion for your club, community group or organisation.

We’ll build on your assets and existing opportunities in the community, connecting with others and sharing resources from your networks. We’ll listen to your community needs, ask the right questions and clarify the right goals to ensure initiatives are community-driven. We will help you create unique goals and then support you every step of the way to achieve them.

Let’s work together to break down barriers and turn your deficits into community strengths.

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How we are helping local governments

Socially Inclusive Communities WA
This initiative aims to build the capacity of local government authorities and create more inclusive, better connected communities. In collaboration with Department of Communities, will support your organisation and local community with a range of training workshops, mentoring, advocacy, strategy and personalised support. Read more

iPLAY Audit Tool
Our iPLAY Audit Tool is currently being developed. It will assist local government authorities and communities to extensively audit both existing play spaces/playgrounds and those yet to be built to ensure they are inclusive.



How we are helping sporting clubs and associations

Working with the Cricket Australia
In 2019, Cricket Australia approached Inclusion Solutions to deliver a pilot project to support the organisation’s mission of creating a sport for all Australians. This project would be based on the success of the WACA Partnership Project, whereby Inclusion Solutions would work with Cricket Australia to roll out a series of educational opportunities for staff and cricket volunteers across the country. Read more

Working with the WACA
We are proud to partner with the Western Australian Cricket Association to deliver inclusive outcomes to the cricketing community. We are working with staff, volunteers and clubs across WA to develop the knowledge and skills to build
stronger, more inclusive cricket clubs.



How we are helping businesses

Rotary Employment Project
This innovative project is the first of it’s kind in WA. This project focuses on finding opportunities within the community that connect an individual to employment, based on their interests and skill sets. Inclusion Solutions and Rotary Clubs around WA identify local businesses that can offer valued roles to individuals in a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer.Through this project, we are employing a genuine strength-based approach to address a long-standing and pivotal issue for people living with a disability – that of meaningful employment. Read more


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