Diversity in the workplace is an enriching attribute that adds much value to teams. Benefits that a diverse workplace can bring to an organisation include greater client satisfaction, successful decision making, stronger bottom line, and improved productivity.

An increase in diversity can also come with many, often unspoken, challenges. Differences in communication styles, values and social practices can create social disconnection within the workplace, leading to exclusion (real or perceived), feelings of bias, and unrecognised and underutilised use of talent.

Research shows that organisations who focus on inclusion gain increased benefits, such as reduced turnover, increased innovation and enhanced team engagement (as cited by the Harvard Business Review, 2014). The challenge for organisations in the 21st century is to foster an inclusive environment and develop social capital within the workplace. Building on decades of social inclusion practice and understanding we tailor individualised programs for your team. Our recent clients include KPMG and Herbert Smith Freehills.

“Inclusion is key for staff retention, motivation and productivity”– KPMG


We operate in times of great diversity. There are more generations in the current work force, a wider range of cultural backgrounds, diverse sexualities, religious beliefs, an increase in people living with mental illness – just to name a few. However, research shows – and what we understand well – is that while we should celebrate our differences, it is the similarities, the things we have in common, which bring us closer together and build stronger teams.

Our workshops draw on the latest academic and business research from around the world. We explore current business case studies from well-known companies (which we combine with decades of social inclusion theory) to ensure you develop new ideas that can be immediately implemented into the workplace.


Social inclusion is a deceptively simple concept. Many people may well think they understand the theory, and how to apply it; however, social science research has shown that the area is complex – as complex and nuanced as the people to whom it’s applied. It is even more complex in a work setting where exclusion or socially de-valuing outcomes are felt by an individual, but invisible to a manager or other co-workers. It is these outcomes that lead to loss of productivity, de-motivation and staff turnover.


The purpose of the workshops is to build cohesive teams, improve productivity and increase employee engagement – engaged employees leads to reduced turnover. We generate discussion and ideas that empower staff to take ownership of the workplace culture. Ultimately, creating an atmosphere in which all people feel valued and respected, and have access to the same opportunities within the workplace.

Each workshop includes:
• An onsite meeting prior to the workshop (to gain an understanding of your business)
• 2-hour interactive workshop
• 30-minute follow-up (2–4 weeks after the workshop)

Inclusion Solutions is a training and consultancy designed to help us communicate this passion to the corporate world and offer solutions and drive economic and social outcomes that will benefit an organisation’s staff and bottom line.


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