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Inclusion Solutions is a not-for-profit community development organisation

At our heart, we are relationship builders. We believe that all people, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, background or ability, should have the opportunity to participate in community life and enjoy all the good things the community has to offer.

As a training, mentoring and consultancy organisation, we work together with others to strengthen communities of all shapes and sizes, creating spaces where all people feel welcome and included for who they are.


Our Vision

To empower and support communities, groups and individuals on their journey to create vibrant, connected, and inclusive communities, where all people have a sense of belonging.


Mission Statement

We believe in working together and making a difference.

Our mission is to educate, support and walk alongside organisations and individuals to better understand, implement and promote social inclusion.

We use an asset-based approach to community development, building upon assets and strengths, over weaknesses. We build the capacity of others to ensure lasting, sustainable and positive social change. As a team, we question critically, remain flexible, adaptable and always go the extra mile.


Our Values


As a small team, we drive significant change. We work with the community, believing that great outcomes are only achieved when we work together.

Both internally, and in the projects we support, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate with others to strengthen, build and add value to any project we are part of.


We want to create environments where all people feel included and celebrated for exactly who they are, and we want to encourage other organisations to do the same.

We welcome new challenges and opportunities; we welcome open, honest and sometimes difficult conversations; and most importantly, we welcome people, no matter what their background, identity, age or ability.


Just as people and communities are always growing and evolving, so too must the ways in which we work.

At Inclusion Solutions, we are curious and tenacious in our desire to think of innovative and creative solutions to support those we work with. We have the courage to take risks, to think outside the box and the humility to reflect and learn from our experiences.


People and relationships are at the heart of everything we do. As a team, we are committed to acting with compassion and genuine care for others.

We love our friendly and fun nature, and pride ourselves on our ability to meet and support people where they are at, walking alongside others, no matter where they are in their journey.


How We Work

Our 5 Step Community Development Framework sets the foundation for all our work, no matter who we are working with, or how we are working with them.

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