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We can assist you in creating a tailored DAIP that fosters genuine change, from design to evaluation.


Go beyond a box-checking exercise

Inclusion Solutions is synonymous with innovative and contemporary approaches that promote social connectivity and civic participation for people living with disability and the inclusion of all people.

With over thirty years of experience in the sector, our knowledge and skills are only a part of what makes us your ideal partner as you develop or review your next DAIP. For us, these projects are more than just making a plan.

We listen to the needs of your community and then create practical actions that improve the social and economic futures of all
people. Together, we build a more connected, inclusive community.


Our 3 Step Process

Drawing on our vast experience in the disability sector and through our community consultation and engagement work, we utilise a 3 step approach for developing and designing your DAIP. This ensures that your project is successful at every stage of the process.

Step 1: Discover

In the Discovery Phase, we investigate the project team and goals, and review relevant plans to understand community demographics and trends.

Step 2: Engage

Accessible, culturally sensitive and inclusive of all ages, abilities and diversities, we ensure all people who call your community home will have the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Step 3: Deliver

We analyse and collate the feedback, research and generate ideas to develop a DAIP that aligns with the vision and values of your community.


Let’s achieve great things together

Our reputation for excellence in WA has given us the opportunity to consult with many organisations on access, inclusion and community participation.

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