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Matt Shaw (He/Him)


Matt, originally hailing from Zimbabwe but raised in the vibrant community of Perth, has spent over 15 years working and volunteering in the community services sector. Matt’s experiences of living apart from family and natural supports at a young age, underscored for him the profound value of community bonds. It was through his fervour for sports, notably rugby, that Matt found a powerful medium for establishing these connections, allowing him to personally witness the remarkable benefits of community engagement.

Matt’s passion for enriching the tapestry of communities through social inclusion continues to drive him on a daily basis. His commitment to fostering inclusion, alongside his love for sports, emphasises his dedication to creating a thriving and interconnected society where everyone can reach their fullest potential.

Outside of work, Matt has now hung up the rugby boots and swapped them for running shoes and the occasional round of golf (when he can find time between kids sporting and dance commitments).


Ciara Cooney (she/her)

Senior Inclusion Consultant

A part of the Inclusion Solutions team since 2014, Ciara has worked in the community development field for the last sixteen years in Ireland, Tanzania, The United States and now Western Australia. During these sixteen years, Ciara has worked in Local Government, State Sporting Associations and not-for-profits. Ciara is a Senior Inclusion Consultant who obtained her Honours Degree in Ireland.

Ciara has a passion for sport and recreation and is very active in her local community. Ciara believes the vehicles of sport and recreation can connect people together to assist them in living a good life. Ciara is a mum of two little humans who she loves very much. Since moving to Australia, Ciara loves spending her time camping and enjoying the great outdoors, hardly missing a day without going to the beach for a swim.

Adam Popham (he/him)

Inclusion Consultant

Born in England, Adam has always looked to make the most of Australia’s beautiful weather and fantastic sporting culture. Having played Australian Rules Football for 10 years with Carine JFC, Adam then transitioned into umpiring and is currently a junior umpire coach. Adam plays Rugby Union with Wanneroo Rugby Club in the winter season and Touch Rugby in the summer. He also plays Wheelchair Basketball with his identical twin brother, Ben.

Currently studying a double major in Management and Human Resources at Curtin University, Adam is passionate about creating welcoming and inclusive environments that enable people to maximise the opportunities in front of them.

Adam started volunteering with Inclusion Solutions in 2019 before transitioning into a part-time role in 2021.

Crispin Roberts (he/him)

Inclusion Consultant

Born and raised in Perth, Crispin is passionate about sport, recreation, social inclusion and disability, with 20 years of lived experience as a person with disability. He has worked in media relations, project management, policy development and politics, including five years in a State Sporting Association, five years at the Department of Sport and Recreation, and six years as a policy adviser to WA government Ministers, Stephen Dawson and Don Punch (with portfolio responsibilities including Disability Services, and Seniors and Ageing).

Crispin was a member of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability and the Board of the Disability Services Commission, Club President at West Coast Amateur Football Club, and a member of the Access and Inclusion User Group for the Perth Stadium (now Optus Stadium) project.

Crispin is a bit of a fanatic when it comes to sport and coffee, and can often be found with friends or family solving the problems of the AFL/NBA/NFL/FIFA/ICC and more over a long mac at a café near you.

Anne Marliac (she/her)

Inclusion Consultant

Originally from France, Anne has been calling Perth her home since 2012. With a Master's Degree in Public Law and Social Sciences, Anne has worked and volunteered in the community sector for different not-for-profits for more than 12 years across both Australia and Europe.

As a child, Anne always had a strong sense of social justice, always advocating for people's rights to be upheld, so it's no surprise she joined the Australian Inclusion Group nine years ago to work with Inclusion Solution's partner entity Inclusion WA, as a Mentor and Coordinator working alongside people with disability. Now, Anne sits with us, here at Inclusion Solutions, as the project lead for one of our exciting new projects developing an online learning course around disability and inclusion.

When she's not at work, you can find Anne out and about, hiking one of the many trails around WA with her partner and fur babies. Passionate about the environment, and a self-professed eco-warrior, Anne loves connecting with others and attending beach clean ups, tree-planting days, and has recently returned to study a Diploma of Sustainable Living with the University of Tasmania.


Erin Taylor (she/her)

Inclusion Consultant

Born and raised in WA and spending her early life in small regional communities, Erin’s early experiences instilled the value of community and social connection. Erin has worked in a variety of different roles over the years including in fashion design, management, merchandising, as well as interior design – specialising in creating inclusive and accessible environments for seniors.

Passionate about arts and culture, Erin has had a long association with the Mundaring Arts Centre, serving as Deputy Chair and Board Member between 2015-2018 and is currently on the steering committee for the new Arts Precinct Redevelopment.

Down time for Erin is all about spending time with family and friends, cinema, time in nature and enjoying all the joys that Perth life has to offer.

Poppy Sloan (she/her)

Inclusion Consultant

Poppy was born in WA but sprinkled with a dash of Victorian flair. Poppy cares deeply about the arts and contributing to sustainable community care practices. With a background in Youth Work, Gender & Diversity Studies, and Career Development, and currently studying Community Development, Poppy enjoys bringing curiosity, creativity, and compassion to her work.

Poppy has experience in the workshop development and delivery space and has previously worked in disability support work, community engagement, performing arts, and mentoring roles. Poppy is super
proud to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and cares about creating a more colorful and kind world for the next generation. Outside work, she loves dancing, time in nature, op-shopping, and throwing dinner parties for her crew.

Kimberley Ellis (she/her)

Inclusion Consultant

Kimberley has a Bachelor of Science in occupational therapy with clinical experience across residential aged care, neuro-rehabilitation, and paediatrics. However, she has spent most of her professional career working in the community development and engagement space with involvement in broad-level projects both in Perth and Central Australia. Kimberley feels very privileged to have worked alongside multiple communities on projects supporting stronger access and inclusion outcomes for people.

Kimberley has a strong sense of social justice and cares deeply about inclusion, with a specific interest in children’s and women’s rights and wellbeing. She takes a collaborative approach in her work with a firm belief that positive authentic relationships underpin all successful community development initiatives.

When Kimberley isn’t at work, she’s likely to have loungeroom dance parties with her toddler, be down by the beach, meandering in nature, or cook with absolute disregard for recipes. She also studies photography in her spare time and has a passion for film and writing.



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