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What is Inclusion

Inclusion can, at times, mean different things to different people. We believe inclusion is the opportunity for all people to live a rewarding life and participate in a welcoming community. We want everyone to feel welcome, have choice and control, share public spaces and feel a sense of belonging within their community.

“Inclusion is the art of ensuring that all people feel welcomed and celebrated for exactly who they are. This means that all differences are viewed as unique gifts that an individual can offer to a group or a community.”

It is not a theory that is restricted to one group of people, but rather something that is of great importance to all human beings.

Benefits to organisations and clubs

We’ll plan together, create opportunities and develop experiences where everyone feels welcome. Our strengths-based approach will help break down barriers, tap into new voices, build confidence and sustainable actions - it’s about what you want to achieve.

It’s more than support to achieve your goals, it’s about making things happen, now and into the future. It’s the opportunity to engage new members and volunteers, advance skill sets, increase employee engagement, ensure diverse representation, inspire a thriving culture and so much more.

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