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Increase your knowledge and understanding of inclusion at your own time and space.

Mentoring and professional development is all about you! It’s about developing your skills, getting to know your team, your local community’s challenges and working together to achieve your goals.




We’re with you every step of the way with our mentoring support.

Mentoring is individualised and flexible. Based on information gathered throughout the mentoring process, we will conduct sessions with a variety of resources, tools and knowledge to help you reach your desired goals. And if you don’t know what goals you want to achieve, we’ll help you map those out too.

Through our mentoring process, organisations, clubs and groups will strive to become more inclusive, connect with the wider community and see value in all people, leading to a sustainable and enriched environment.



Professional Development

Whether you’re working within a local government, are on a club committee or want to be an active community member – we will help empower you to be more inclusive.

Our professional development sessions can be run with your group, or as continuing individual conversations. Through the sessions, we’ll uncover the theories of social inclusion and how to practically apply them in your community. We’ll explore the fundamentals of inclusion, community development models, understanding of the disability sector and the social inclusion of marginalised identities and tailor discussions to the context of your team, organisation and community.



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