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For our team at Inclusion Solutions, mentoring is all about walking alongside a club or community group to support them to become a strong, inclusive and thriving club in their community.

Our mentoring process gives clubs the opportunity to reflect upon their values and vision for the future. We provide resources and knowledge to support clubs and community groups to achieve their social inclusion goal no matter how big or small.

Our process includes an understanding of the public perceptions of a given club or community group, and an open discussion with them to understand their current practices, strengths, opportunities, as well as any barriers they may be facing.

After an initial meeting with the club, we work together to identify a goal and provide resources, knowledge and contacts to ensure their goal is met and maintained long-term. What the ongoing support looks like is completely up to the club – it could be semi-regular emails, phone calls, training for committee members or even attending some of their events and activities.

Mentoring takes a tailored approach with each club and group that we work with. This ensures that we can support them in overcoming barriers and challenges that are unique to them.


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