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Fostering genuine change through education

Inclusion Solutions is proud to present the Building Inclusive Schools Project – a series of inspiring presentations to high schools across WA, helping shift bias and foster genuine change from classroom to community.

Hear from Ben Popham OAM, a dual Paralympic gold medalist, world record holder, and Little Telethon Star of 2011, as he shares his personal journey of inclusion and feeling valued in his community as a person with a disability.

Our skilled Inclusion Consultants will delve into social inclusion theory and Social Role Valorization. By leveraging Ben’s personal experiences, we will examine how we can collectively create more inclusive high schools and communities. Students will leave with practical tips on identifying obstacles and promoting the inclusion of all people, empowering them to make a positive impact in their own communities.


Ben Popham OAM

Prepare to be inspired as you hear the remarkable story of Ben Popham OAM. Ben is not only a dual Paralympic gold medalist and world record holder, but also the Little Telethon Star of 2011. He has overcome challenges and obstacles throughout his journey and has achieved what many thought was impossible.

Ben shares his story with students across the state, drawing on his personal experiences of inclusion and feeling valued in his community as someone with a disability during his time in primary and high school. Ben’s passion, perseverance, and unwavering determination serve as an inspiration to us all.

Ben Popham OAM

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These inspiring sessions will run for around 45 minutes and can be delivered to groups of any size across WA high schools.

Let’s work together to build more inclusive high schools and communities.

For more information and to get your high school involved, please contact Adam Popham or call (08) 9443 7226.

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The Building Inclusive Schools Project is funded by Telethon.

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