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Our Workshops and Webinars

Sessions are designed to inform and educate around the ideas, theories and practice of social inclusion. All workshops can be tailored to suit your organisations individual needs and are facilitated by our skilled and friendly team.

Workshops Webinars
– 2-4 hours
– 30 participants
– 1.5 hours (abridged content)
– 100 participants


Workshops are delivered face-to-face to ensure an interactive environment where participants can ask questions in a safe and supportive environment.

Each of our sessions can also be delivered online, as abridged versions, with limited interactive elements.

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Social Inclusion and Disability Awareness

This workshop provides a level of knowledge and confidence to ensure you and your organisation are inclusive and welcoming of all people, particularly those from low-participation backgrounds. This is our most popular workshop and provides a good foundation for further learning.

Building Stronger, Connected Clubs

Are you looking to strengthen your membership and increase volunteerism? This practical workshop guides clubs and groups on how to utilise the theories of social inclusion to build a strong, connected club that is reflective of their community.

Attracting Time and Talent

This workshop guides participants to consider volunteering and paid roles through a new lens. The interactive workshop will provide practical tools to assist you in attracting knowledgeable, skillful and passionate people to your club, group or organisation.

Community Inclusion: Principles and How To

This all encompassing workshop, supports organisations to create connections between individuals and their communities. Focusing on practical solutions, this session provides the tools and confidence to increase community engagement and improve social cohesion.

Inclusive Events

With a focus on accessibility and inclusion, this session supports you to plan, develop and deliver a successful event where all people feel welcomed and included.

Inclusive Schools and Youth Leadership

This workshop supports young people to understand inclusion and develop leadership skills to make positive changes in their community.

Awesome presentation and information. Best I’ve seen in my 30 years of corporate life!

John W

Have something particular in mind?

Our experienced team can deliver bespoke sessions to cater to your target audience and needs.

Some of the workshops we’ve put together have included:

  • Inclusive communication and marketing
  • Education and employment
  • Youth volunteering
  • Key note presentations


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