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You know your vision for your community – let us help you achieve it.

Both metropolitan and regional, local and state, we’ve been working with government authorities for over two decades to support them to better support and understand their communities.

We work directly with your staff, delivering workshops and training to ensure your people understand what inclusion is and how they can be advocates and allies, with tangible and ready-to-implement strategies. We work with the people in your communities, supporting local clubs and community groups to increase participation and volunteerism, or through research and engagement projects to better understand the challenges, barriers and opportunities faced by those in your community – so that your community development programs can be more effective.

We can support with:

  • Develop, strengthen or review your Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
  • Support your Club Development Officer
  • Educate and build upon your staff’s knowledge of social inclusion
  • Specialised Community Engagement Strategies
  • Inclusive auditing of play spaces, events and programs
  • Build the capacity of existing clubs, groups and organisations throughout your community.


Disability Access & Inclusion Plans

Let’s work together to build stronger, more inclusive communities through a bespoke roadmap for your organisation.

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