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For more than 30 years, we’ve been empowering people to become actively involved in their local community.

Officially established in 2016, Inclusion Solutions is proud to be part of the Australian Inclusion Group.

As a group of purpose-driven not-for-profit organisations, we’ve come a long way since our inception as the Recreation Network. Plenty has changed since then, but one thing remains unchanged – our shared vision where all people feel truly welcome in their community.


  • 1986

    A group of visionary people who felt people with disability had more to offer the community and the community had more to offer people with disability came together to create Recreation Network as a demonstration project.

  • 1989

    After 3 years of trials Recreation Network was Incorporated as an organisation.

  • 1990

    Leisure Buddy program was established. People with a disability are linked with volunteers with similar interests - one-to-one and based on similarities, not differences. People with disability are very much involved in decision-making. Set the foundation for the principles of the organisation.

  • 2000

    Recreation Support program established. People with a disability supported one-to-one in the community to achieve the goals they had set for themselves, using paid staff rather than volunteers.

  • 2005

    Name of the organisation changed to Recreation and Sport Network to reflect increased connection with the sport sector.

  • 2009

    Recreation and Sport Network worked with nine people with individualised funding in 2009. The support has always been one-to-one but the organisation was 85% 'block funded' at this time, which meant the decision-making 'power' was with the organisation rather than the individual.

  • 2010

    General feeling the organisation had been named after the car they were driving rather than the destination. Recreation and sport were often the vehicles used but the ultimate goal was social inclusion. So the organisation's name was changed to Inclusion WA.

  • 2016

    By 2016, all 220 people supported by Inclusion WA had individualised funding. The organisation has gone through a dramatic business shift by this time and is now 100% funded through individual packages. The power, choice and control rightly rest with the person with a disability.

  • 2017

    The work being done with sport and community groups under the Inclusion WA banner is brought out into its own organisation, as Inclusion Solutions (and the Australian Inclusion Group) are formed. Inclusion Solutions has an increased focus on all people who are at risk of social isolation, not just people with a disability.

  • 2020

    Plan Navigators and Australian Inclusion Network are formed. The Australian Inclusion Group expands outside Western Australia and continues to find ways to support people to take more control of their life.


How We Work

Our 5 Step Community Development Framework sets the foundation for all our work, no matter who we are working with, or how we are working with them.

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