Club founders noticed that many community groups in Mirrabooka were based around ethnicity and young children were excluded from sharing their talents and skills within the wider community.

The Northern City Football Club wanted to create change in their community by breaking down the barriers to social inclusion and becoming role models to younger children. The Club formed rapidly and grew to 180 members after its first Open Day. The club aimed to give back their skills and knowledge to kids in the community and teach them leadership and life lessons.

The club hosted a 10-week football program supported by Inclusion Solutions and a part of the Mirrabooka One Project. The program was targeted at disengaged youth in the Mirrabooka area. The club wanted to create an environment that would foster, support, and include children who did not previously have the opportunity to be a part of a club.


What happened next

The Northern City Football Club prioritised building a relationship with the City of Stirling and worked to improve their home ground. Soon after starting the club, the Club succeeded in approval from the City of Stirling for upgrading its home ground facilities. This allowed the club security in knowing they wouldn’t need to worry about the condition of the grounds before training and games.

The Northern City Football Club also succeeded in gaining valuable partnerships with businesses, sponsors and neighbours to the oval. On training and game days, community members congregate to support the club in different ways and everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Everyone in the community has the opportunity to be included within the club and to feel as though it is their club and their contributions are valued.