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Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia – Pilot Project

In 2019, Cricket Australia approached Inclusion Solutions to deliver a pilot project to support the organisation’s mission of creating a sport for all Australians. This project was based on the success of the WACA Partnership Project, whereby Inclusion Solutions would work with Cricket Australia to roll out a series of educational opportunities for staff and cricket volunteers across the country.

The initial proposal involved the delivery of two training workshops and two Professional Development sessions in each State and Territory. This proposal also included the delivery of Club Mentoring for a total of 10 clubs in ACT, Queensland and South Australia.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Inclusion Solutions quickly adapted to meet the needs of Cricket Australia, designing a 6-week program to support cricket staff to combine the theories of inclusion with club development principles.

Club Development Toolkit

The Club Development Toolkit was developed to provide cricket staff with the tools and resources required to support cricket clubs to create inclusive club-based experiences. Staff attend weekly one-hour webinars, with two Inclusion Solutions facilitators focusing on the ‘Nine Pillars of Inclusion’ and how staff can practically support their clubs to implement them within their community. The sessions combined theoretical learning with interactive activities to allow for peer-to-peer learning and sharing of experiences, as well as takeaway worksheets with practical activities for staff and clubs.

“Thank you for your time in delivering this workshop. I am very passionate about the inclusive space and the content you delivered was right on the mark. I advised my manager that all community cricket staff should complete the workshop.”

Cricket NSW staff member

A total of 40 webinars were delivered to over 115 staff across Australia, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of social inclusion theories and how to support clubs to practically implement them
  • Increased capacity of staff to implement their learnings with the cricket community
  • Increased understanding of club development techniques
  • Increased confidence to support clubs to identify and promote opportunities within their club
  • Increased ability to proactively approach the topic of inclusion with clubs
  • Increased confidence in using virtual tools (such as Microsoft Teams) to connect with the cricket community

This partnership project has allowed Inclusion Solutions to develop a strong working relationship with staff from Cricket Australia and their state cricket associations.


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